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Halifax County Condominium Corporation 181

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find a copy of the Community Guide?
A: You should have originally received a Community Guide with your purchase as part of your Welcome package. But, you can download the Community Guide under the "HCCC 181 Docs" section and it is located here, and will always have the current & updated information availble.

Q: Who is the Management Company for HCCC 181?
A: Podium Properties Inc. is the authorized agent for HCCC 181. Contact information can be found here.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the Governing Documents, I don't have mine anymore?
A: You can download the Declaration and By-Laws under the "HCCC 181 Docs" section and it is located here. If you would like printed versions, please contact the Management Company who can provide you with printed copies for a nominal charge.

Q: Who do I call about noise (loud music, barking dog, etc)?
A: Please contact the on duty Resident Manager here.

Q: I want to remodel my unit (update floors, bathroom, mouldings, etc), is there anything I need to do?
A: Yes. You need to inform the Board of the work you would like to complete with details on how it will be completed, and the Board will review and approve the work you requested to be done. This is so that any improvements are registered within your unit file. Any work not registered could cause future issues.

Q: Why do I need Board approval to do work in my personal Unit that does not effect any of the Common elements?
A: As outlined in the Declaration and By-Laws of HCCC 181, work being done needs to be reviewed and approved to ensure that no common elements are being impacted, that structural changes are not being done, work will not impact in unit safety equipment (Such as fire sprinklers), etc. Also note, that any work done that causes any damage during renovations, will be paid by you.