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Main Contact information for Halifax County Condominium Corporation 181.

Managing Agent

Management of the services, property and assets of HCCC 181 is a business requiring experience and specialized expertise. In recognition of this, the Board of Directors of the Halifax County Condominium Corporation 181 has engaged a Property Management Company as its Managing Agent to act in its behalf. The current Managing Agent is:

Podium Properties Inc.
92A Queen Street
Dartmouth, NS
B2Y 1G8

Main Contact information:

Podium Properties
Office Phone:      (902) 445-4936
Office Fax   :      (902) 463-7270
24x7 Emergency: (902) 830-4936

Working with the Property Management Company, are Resident Managers that provide 24x7 coverage for day to day operations. You can contact the resident managers anytime to report any damage, burnt out lights, car in your parking spot, etc.



Your Board of Directors

Responsibility for setting policies and administering the condominium is vested by the condominium instruments in the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors approves contracts, adopts the annual operating budget and implements and enforces the rules and regulations.

HCCC 181 is allowed to have five (5) members of the Board of directors as outlined in the By-Laws, Article III, Board of Directors, Section 1.

Current Board of Directors:

President Patrick Sullivan
Vice-President Pat Babin
Treasure Natasha Lymburner
Secretary Julia Grady
Director Pearl MacAulay

You can contact the Board of Directors of HCCC 181 by: