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These documents consist of all the forms available to be downloaded and filled out, plus 'quick references' in PDF of HCCC 181's Rules & Regulations and guides for recycling.

You would have filled out these forms when you originally bought your unit, but it is your reasonability to update and resubmit when your information changes so that the Management Company and the Board has your current and correct information.


HCCC 181 - Long Term Rental Space Form

HCCC 181 - 3600 Intercom Listing & Update Form

HCCC 181 - Evacuation Assistance Form

HCCC 181 - Owner and Resident Information

HCCC 181 - Payor’s Authorization for Pre-Authorized Debits (PAD)

HCCC 181 - Percentage Interest By Unit

HCCC 181 - Pet Registration Form

HCCC 181 - Rules and Regulations


Additional Resources for Our Members

HRM Guide to Waste Management for Condos

NS Guide to Recycling Unwanted Electronics

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