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3600 John Parr

About HCCC 181

Centre Pointe Condominium complex is made up of 88 Units in 3600 John Parr and 22 Townhouses and is located in what is generally referred to the as the Halifax North Peninsula or the ‘North End’ of Halifax. Located less then 5 km from the downtown center and water front, it is a very easy commute on Metro transit as there is a bus stop located right out front on Lady Hammond.

HCCC 181 is comprised of one hundred and ten (110) residential units, which are:

The North end of Halifax is the location of the Seaview Memorial Park, Merv Sullivan Park, and also the Fort Needham Memorial Park. The North end and is a vibrant, multicultural area of the city which extends approximately from Cogswell St. in the South to Bedford Basin in the North, with the shipyards along the harbour to the east.

The Hydrostone neighbourhood and market at the north end of Gottingen Street, built after the Halifax Explosion in 1917, is a small area which is quite unique architecturally and in the evidence of efforts to make it a model neighbourhood - with wide boulevards, narrow streets, and service lanes. The market has some of the best pizza and bread in town and a few interesting shops making it a nice stop on a weekend morning.

Halifax HydroStone