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Welcome to HCCC 181!

Centre Pointe Condominium complex and HCCC 181, is located in what is generally referred to the as the Halifax North Peninsula or the ‘North End’ of Halifax. Located less then 5km from the downtown center and water front, it is a very easy commute on Metro transit as there is a bus stop located right out front on Lady Hammond.

Many people have questions on what exactly makes up HCCC 181, as various names are used for this development, and we’ll try to cover off some of the most common names used:

Centre Pointe (or ‘Center Point’) Condominiums – Signage over the main entrance to John Parr Drive off of Lady Hammond and generally refers to all 3 Condo Corporations in this location.

John Parr Drive – This is the actual street name that runs from Lady Hammond back around to Duffus Street. The civic numbers of 3700 John Parr Drive (Which is HCCC 170) refers to the first building as you come off the Lady Hammond, 3600 is the 2nd large building, and then the row of townhouses.

Halifax County Condominium Corporation 181 - Is made up of the 88 Unit building (3600 John Parr) and 22 Townhouses (3510 - 3552 John Parr), for a total of 110 units. See the Community Guide for further details.


Below is a aerial view of the location and what comprises HCCC 181:

HCCC 181 Location View 

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